Sunday, 2 February 2014

Why should we do research!!!!!!!!

The term research refers to scholarly or creative activity that contributes to human knowledge through methods established by particular academic disciplines. Undergraduate research involves an educational collaboration between students and faculty members. An undergraduate research experience may be initiated by a student who seeks out faculty supervision or by a faculty member who involves undergraduate students in her or his research team.

For Students
The University of Texas at Austin serves Texas and the nation as one of the most highly rated public research universities in the United States. Researchers at UT Austin are leaders in a variety of fields that touch our daily lives and shape our future. Whether they study nanotechnology or musical composition, child welfare or popular culture, UT faculty and students pursue, produce, and publish innovative research every day. Their work fuels the teaching, lectures, and other events that help make UT an exciting and vibrant intellectual community of scholars, teachers, and learners. As a UT student, you can become an active member of this community by participating in undergraduate research.
The benefits for students engaged in research and creative work are numerous.

Educational Benefits

  • Working with a faculty mentor
  • Learning about issues, methods, and leaders in your chosen field(s)
  • Applying concepts from your courses to “real life” situations
  • Furthering your creative achievement
  • Sharpening your problem-solving skills

Professional Benefits

  • Exploring potential careers
  • Enhancing your professional communication skills
  • Preparing for graduate or professional school
  • Networking with others who share your interests

Personal Benefits

  • Growing as a critical and independent thinker
  • Building confidence
Enhancing your awareness of ethical is

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