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15 Powerful Ways Your Writing Can Make a Difference

"True joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her." - Zig Ziglar
The stages of writing an article, from initial brainstorming, researching, outlining, and completion, do not have to be overwhelming.
You know two things:
·  You need to grab your audience's attention.
·  You need to become a formidable force in your niche.
How do you achieve this?
Think about where you want your work to take you. Next, consider the impact of your work and how it has affected your audience. No matter how many articles you produce, nothing will compare to the experience and emotion that readers experience because of your work.
A simple idea can transform someone's life. An inspiring, positive message can cause a chain reaction that changes a mindset or belief. With your writing, you're not merely giving your reader something to read to pass the time. You're lighting a game-changing fire under the seat of their pants that challenges them to reach into their thoughts to consider what they've read as well as how it impacts their life and those closest to them.
Are your ready to make a positive impact? Make your writing stand out in an ocean of bland and uninspiring content with this list of ways you can impact others and truly make a difference.
15 Powerful Ways Your Writing Can Make a Difference
1.      Inspiring Others Starts with Your Story: We can never hear enough inspirational stories or initiatives for good deeds. 9 out of 10 commercials you see don't even touch on it, they're all about advertising. The is also a common error in the volume of submissions we receive from new authors. If you really want to make an impression on others and give them hope, start with yourself. Show others how you empower yourself. How do you prepare for the day? How do you ensure your time is spent wisely? How do you remain productive without missing out on priorities? Empower your audience by sharing your story.
2.      Good Deeds Matter: Random acts of kindness are generous ways to surprise and reward strangers. In some places you can order "suspended" coffee or food, making it available for others who need it more. The homeless or people in need can ask if there are any suspended items available, and since they are already paid for, it's a free item. Make a list of good deeds that you feel are the most rewarding, and use personal examples by including the message you're trying to send with each one.
3.      Express Your Enthusiasm: List ways your readers can be authentic and tap into their passions. Enthusiasm is contagious! Help your readers build character and reject their feelings of self-doubt with your enthusiasm. Share lessons from your successes and failures. Keep them engaged by clearly and honestly communicating your advice.
4.      A Cause or Movement Important to You: Write about a cause or movement that has real meaning to you. There are several groups actively making a difference and their rising number of followers determines their expanding range of impact. What groups have you been following? Where do you see change that is needed?
5.      Encourage Fitness: Physical fitness isn't limited to improving appearance. It can make you feel better, reduce anxiety, decrease stress, prevent disease, connect with others who have the same goals, and give you a sense of purpose. Share your thoughts on health and fitness by highlighting what works for you. List techniques close to home to help with relaxation or with a workout routine. Your tips can be instructional or merely a change in lifestyle, but don't forget to list the benefits!
6.      Fun Activities with Goals in Mind: Provide your readers with useful goals to stay positive by listing fun activities to try. These can be indoor team-building exercises or creative-outdoor activities. Expand your usual recreation material and share something new you have tried. Think of goals you prescribe to your readers, but make them fun and engaging in order to stimulate the mind and improve their relationship with themselves. It's amazing how a simple change in a hobby can transform an outlook on life. What ideas can you share?
7.      List Heroes of All Kinds: A hero can be a role model that you have a personal relationship with, or someone you look up to that you have never met. Write about some of these people, fictitious characters included. Think about their qualities and what makes them unique and heroic. If you were to create your own superhero, what characteristics and powers would you have? What adventures or journeys would you go on? Would you have a trustworthy sidekick? Be as creative as you want!
8.      Communities and Their Impact: Charities or foundations don't have the reach most businesses do, but that doesn't stop them from improving the lives of people. Provide a list of ones that are at the top of their game in helping those in need. Nonprofits need your exposure to grow, provide visibility and credibility to keep providing services. These communities are everywhere: make it a goal to discover and write about them through your articles. Help spread the word, support their cause!
9.      The Effects of Gardening: Gardening is a soothing and rewarding activity. It can improve your satisfaction with life and get you more connected with nature. You can list some of your favorite recipes as "comfort food" and the benefits of ones on the healthier side. Do you know of any gardening or cooking clubs in your area? Do some research and reveal some of these with your readers. Help them see nature and the environment as inspiring topics. It's also good exercise and can be a goal-oriented hobby with delicious results.
10.  Think About the Troops: You don't need to talk about the complexity of war or the impact it has on families to inspire your audience. There are many things you can write about that touch on the experience our troops go through. They get visits from celebrities and leaders in business; they are not tucked away overseas by themselves. Our Veterans are also not hiding; they're out there trying to make a difference. You can pay it forward by interacting with them, and writing about organizations they are active in. With their permission, tell their stories.
11.  Improving Relationships: You can use your own experiences with relationships to help educate and make a difference. Touch on your strengths, weaknesses, and how you overcome personal battles. Social media is growing by the day and the connection with your audience as well as their connection with each other can only help you all grow. Discuss how to remain proactive in an argument and steps you take to communicate properly with various personality types.
12.  Review Impactful Books or Movies: Stories can invoke such emotion and drama, whether it's over time with a book or in 1 sitting for a movie. Choose some of your favorite books or films and explore various opinions and messages conveyed. What parts make you reflect the most? What characters do you admire and what strengths make them memorable? There are so many choices to review, making it an ongoing adventure for your writing.
13.  Volunteer Work: It can be tough to find time in our hectic work schedules to do volunteer work. Touch on volunteering and note the variety of ways people can be involved. It's a great way to make a positive impact in a community and any little bit can help. Through your passion and encouragement, you may inspire hundreds of others to volunteer!
14.  Going Green: Energy efficiency and conservation can have a lasting impact on your wellbeing, not to mention it can help your finances. We hear the phrase "going green," but are we really doing the best we can in reducing our carbon footprint? Think about the environmental impact you leave behind and share your thoughts through your writing. Sometimes all it takes is awareness to create a movement as strong as helping the environment.

15.  Travel & Leisure: Visit new and interesting locations that are great for exploring, or have a peaceful appearance. Capture the landscape in detail and explain how it makes you feel. Think about the vision and structure of the people or environment around you. It's important to list specifics and make the visit appealing and feel adventurous. If your writing makes your readers feel like they are there, that's exceptional writing!

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